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Hi, I am Gm Gul Mughal, I am a software engineer I creat this blog about related Updates, Like Game, Polictics, Internation Game, National Game, IT is very import to accounce that we are working as a team. I have seo person, I have graphic designer, I have SMM person, I have content Writer.

Uses of Website

You can use this website for getting information about politics, and games whatever runing in the world. we will use here adds, from google adsense for earning and for mainting this website.

User Role

User can see all the post like they want latestes news of games they can search over website and get every latest updates. And If any one User Want to Publish his/her content they can email use on updatesgame786@gmail.com.

Admin conditions

Admin will support every activites like they will watch that which customer what kind of information want. Admin handle the all comments and will try to response as soon as possible.


Over Products will be available for every use to get informations. Lets spose we have mistake any type of you can email us and update us we will cover this and will thanks of over respectable user.

Updates Game

Updates game is a multi nich website and blog if you want any type of advertaisment you can contact us if you want to publish your article then you can contact us related over niche.


Nobody can use any abuse language, If any one use any type of content which will heart of any people like related to religions like realted to personal life of any person like bad language. Then we will block of this type of user permanentaly


User Support
We will add live chat for over user support

Management CEO: GM (Gul Mughal)