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Nowadays, the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter also provides a huge number of games in different forms and categories to its users. As per the survey by “Facebook provides more than 2 Million daily active users on its platform which means that there were around 100 million mobile gamers worldwide at the end of 2019”. So, now we know why Facebook has become such a prominent figure in today’s Internet game world. A large number of people is aware about the importance behind using these social media sites for entertainment as well. But still there are few who does not understand its meaning or uses. What are those viral games? Let us tell you some interesting games in this article.


The following games have found their place in millions of peoples’ hands across the world.

viral games

Here are Some Interesting Viral Game You May Not Know About.


  1. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: PUBG Mobile (PlayStation) – One of the many remarkable names in the list of Best and Popular Video Game That Everyone Has Heard Of, PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the best known and loved video games all over the World which keeps receiving accolades from the government and internet users in general. It is a highly addictive game where the player and the developer have taken full responsibility to make it addictive and satisfying for user. This game is developed by China-based CompanyTen cent, it is widely used worldwide by almost every person. Now it has become extremely famous among youngsters as well. There are lot of online competitions and events which keep motivating thousands of participants to perform better.


  1. Candy Crush Saga – It is another popular game among the youngsters especially during weekends. They find themselves in amazing situations at every stage of the game. Their only aim is to grab the right candy at the right moment so that they can get into the next level. But sadly many of them fail to do so but luckily it has gained popularity with time. Many children can remember playing this game. Its main goal is to gather as much sugar for winning as possible and earn points from other kids also. These tasks may be more difficult and complicated. Parents should help their kids to beat the task in order to reach higher level of progress.


  1. Farmville – Last year, a child named Jack Halsey was selected to design the theme park called City farm’ with his friend Felix Rojas. After months and months of hard work, the theme park finally went up in front of Walt Disney World Resort. As soon as city farm opens, more players from various countries got interested in going there. Farmers and ranchers got attracted towards farming and agriculture. Because of this reason, the prices of farmland and livestock increased.


People started asking to buy farmlands to feed their animals. Also, even the farmers started looking for ways to increase their income. Thus, after the opening of city farm, it became a significant part of everyone’s life. According to the survey done by Forbes in 2018, people wanted to take loan to start new farms and become financially independent. Moreover, people wanted to make money through selling their crops. Even though banks offered free loans for people in need, but it didn’t become the success in future. Now farmers are getting much financial support from the bank. Hence, farmers want to sell some crops to generate profit.


Farmers are trying to manage everything and gain maximum profit. Some of them tried to use fake names in order to attract more buyers. Eventually, that won’t work. However, they understood the power of word of mouth and that’s what helped them at that time of crisis. People do not care about money and it becomes very important to get it back.


  1. Superhot – Another memorable title in our list of top 5 viral games is Superhot. It is an Indian dating app which keeps attracting young people from every country. When a match is made, users will complete an easy registration process from the application form to send contact details such as location, name, etc to each other. If two people are matched, then it will lead to connecting them by sending numbers and messages to create a connection between users. Furthermore, if a person accepts an invitation to join the party he/she got accepted through invitation. Then, it will get automatically connected to the chosen person.


So far, so good. But then it goes down when someone gets connected to anyone he/she is not aware about. An example is in India. For example, if you go to someone’s house by mistake, then he/she will think that he/she already exists and he/she cannot accept you. He/she doesn’t even consider that he/she had been mistaken, but he/she doesn’t believe in it, because he/she is living in that house. It makes people become lonely and unhappy because they lose their trust in others. At least people can understand others’ feelings but not be aware of them.


  1. Ludo Royale – We also recommend here. This game also plays on same principle. During day, students and teachers try to collect their ludos and solve puzzles to earn enough points to enter the next round. At night, they solve more puzzle and collect more points as per required amount. Due to high demand, schools are facing difficulties in finding suitable places where students can stay. Thus, parents have to arrange places for their wards. While arranging lots of places, sometimes parents face problems due to wrong place or incorrect rooms. Students are also being misguide. So, parents should help students to select best option.


I hope it helps you to find some interesting and useful information regarding the video games. I will come up more articles regarding the Game.


Viral games this section is an excerpt of the game review on Steam:


The story the game is about two teens, Tyler and Cameron are a young teenage boy who have gone through many changes and struggles that he never expected to be face but one day Cameron will meet his lifelong dream and go back to school to make sure he is all right. In this game, you play as Tyler. You played alone by yourself and have been in this game for less than half an hour. When you get here, please start to play. While we play I will ask each player to give me two reasons why they would like to play more or less often. By the end of this game, you’ll receive a reward for playing often and a request to play more again. Also you’re going to play a lot of games so there will be some random tasks and puzzles too.

  1. Designing this game has got design elements so good it takes my breath away. They have taken time out of their busy schedule, I am sure they knew what their game was going to be. It’s a beautiful looking game with beautiful graphics, the gameplay has an interesting storyline, nice soundtracks, I can’t wait for you to share your experiences when you come back tomorrow, if you like, do more, I’d suggest coming back on Wednesday with no hesitation.
  2. Gameplay the graphics graphic are amazing, you’ll just want to play this game to the fullest. Most of us have played at least 2 or 3 games. Once you start playing you’ll find you need to keep up with every new game, you’ll also find it difficult to stop. What’s exciting is when you finish a level and then you have to complete another one, this game is very addictive, you won’t want to lose playing this game as to much. 4. Storytelling That game I like a lot and I am very happy with how it is going. The protagonist, Tyler and his girlfriend Cameron, has a lot of conflicts that they have to deal with. As more people play this game the conflict grows and the characters grow like real live actors in a movie. There’s even more themes as well. We could tell stories about different countries in our society and how certain things happen. Like most horror games, Tyler just wants to be safe again which is why you will not want to play anything else but this game.
  3. Narrative Voiceovers We had our voiceover team make a few of these narrations which were outstanding. Including the main character, they did justice to our character’s personality. Each character has their own opinions concerning how everything goes wrong and how everything works for them throughout each level. Our characters also go through their own conflicts every step and the overall narrative was fantastic. These voices made sense in the story and the dialogue was excellent.
  4. Characters In this game, the characters personality is absolutely phenomenal. If someone isn’t like you then don’t try to be like them. Especially Tyler, he may not be perfect like me, he knows what he’s doing and always tries to follow through with every task, even when he gets upset. But he still acts like he’s a teenager and that makes him relatable to the character. With each new character added, they show more and more of their life, the emotions, everything.
  5. Music & Soundtrack the music is great, it doesn’t matter if there’s something better. I love the background score. That’s really lovely, it adds an interesting layer to the ambience, because it adds a different vibe and atmosphere to the game. They used quite a bit of ambient sounds, including birds chirping, rain falling, traffic noises. They will be the first ones to stay in my memory.
  6. Art I enjoyed playing the first game. Although I didn’t like the second part that much, I still like watching the video. So when you see the 2nd part, I think you’ll like it, but you might end up being disappoint. There is a little bit of the same art style that you have in the previous one, I think. Another thing is that it feels like they changed a lot. Overall it’s amazing and the artwork is amazing.

9. Dialogue is fantastic, it takes place between all characters in this game. One example of this dialogue is when Tay is trying to make everyone comfortable that they’re fine. On the first one, you can listen to Tay talk about his friends and family but the dialogues are different. He says it’s okay to be sad and angry, he knows everyone’s sad and angry at something. The game plays something a bit as a ghost-town because you don’t know what’s going on. The dialogue is quite short and concise and it fits the context of the game. All the characters have their conversations and other people also have questions that will answer from all the information you need to be aware of before you start. 10. Video editingthe visual effects are very high, it’s visually stunning and this game is visually stunning it’s very hard to look past what’s happening in the world outside. They are so well done and it looks amazing. This game is also very heavy but it’s not bad. Visual Effects are excellent. And we finished off with this amazing narration. The narrator had so many lines and it’s all perfectly place, the narrator said what he meant. It’s wonderful. Your only regret is that you won’t be able to play this game again for real this week. It’s an amazing game, but I highly recommend that you play it fully.

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