I have been helping PC gamers for over two decades, so I’ve a bit of an idea on how to fix issues with software updates. I also have an interest in gaming, and the fact that it’s not easy to find where is a great motivator for me to share my knowledge.

1- Right-click the game in your library

2- If you want the game to update automatically

3- In my case the latest version for Minecraft 0.17 was 5.7.0, while for The Witcher 3 it was 4.1.6

4- Go through all editions until you find which one your game needs to be updated

5- Look at your library for other games

6- Open “C:\ProgramData\Steam\Library”

7- Copy into local folder “e:\Steam\Library\Minecraft”

8- Open another local folder “e:\Steam\Library\The Witcher 3” with same name

9- Move there

10- Start playing again

11- As you can see the version number on top is different due to some libraries.

That was how long ago this might apply to, but i hope at least this gives a better understanding here. Here are always ways something can go wrong. However, at the end of the day this is just a very basic guide to help out a gamer who has a little free time. It may seem like its hard to get stuff done without using Steam because it is popular and popularized by other users, but you will find yourself getting more done and enjoying the platform while i share what I’ve learned.

This article has no relation to anything related to this project. This article is strictly an overview and is not written for or endorsed by any developer or publisher. All rights reserved.

(I do use these terms as they apply) – How to Update Games on Steam

I have recently made up a simple guide for how to run AARP’s Game Booster app on iOS and Android. While the App is fairly complete, it is useful to understand the steps the program takes to make certain things happen on your phone. These steps are pretty straightforward once you know them, however if you don’t have that kind of access, you are going to need something a lot cooler. That’s where I come in…

What’s An Apple Computer? What Are Macs and iPhones?

So what does an iPhone, Mac or computer look like? Well, just like a normal person can think of their own body and the organs inside, a computer can think of its memory, memory card, motherboard and everything else in the machine they are connected to. (It is also called RAM and disk)

Apple makes an entire board for the computer, which includes a USB drive. Speakers, a camera, battery, mouse, keyboard, a monitor, all the power supply and much more. Then every single piece is soldered together on top of each other and connected to the rest of the machine. For those of us who never had any of these things before they were built into our computers, we would just buy them… we would call them things like CPU’s, RAM and storage solutions. Because of these things being soldered together, if you get new ones then they are just “new”.

So all we ever have to do with a computer is hook it to another computer and tell it that we have a problem when it’s time we plug it in. That’s pretty much it. But this whole thing works fine, why wouldn’t you just use it while still being able to get access to all of all of the wonderful features from the old system? I’m sure your parents probably still use a desktop computer these days. So why not start doing the work of your computer right now? You can, with this guide you should have everything set up for you.

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