Updated Method How to Update Games on Bluestacks

Hello everyone! I’m back again for some new articles on Android, gaming, and updates on what’s in the future of software development. This time it pertains to setting up your game to support older consoles if you are using Microsoft Xbox One or Xbox 360. So that way you can still play your latest favourite games but without the hassle of updating to every system version because they may not work on your brand-new hardware (or at least I don’t think so).

In this article, you’ll find an overview of how to set up your game to upgrade to newer OS versions and devices without breaking any existing settings.

You can also download my free guide about how to install Android 11 without flashing the ROM. It includes step-by-step instructions about installing both NoxPlayer 3.0 apps for streaming video in your console, as well as one for Google Play Store. In case you want to know more about which of those applications is better, check out our post.

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Update Games on Bluestacks

Bluestack Setting Up Your Games For OBSESSION – How to Update Games on Bluestacks

Go to “Settings” on your device and click on “Update now” in the menu. You’ll see a list of all your current installed games and apps. From here, go over to the bottom of the section and select “More options”. Now scroll down until you reach “Storage” and tap on “Add” then select Storage from the pop-up menu and then choose “Update to storage”. That’s it! The process was easy but it took 4–5 minutes. Don’t worry I found the same solution for different platforms. Checkout it below before downloading

Update Games on Bluestacks

Step 1 – Create A New Games Folder – Go to Settings > Apps > Games on your device in the left bar > create a folder called “Games” and name it whatever you want. After this, make another folder in your device storage system

Update Games on Bluestacks

Step 2 – Download Xpdbgum (Xpdbgum – xpc – dxgum.d) – There is a tool called Xpdbgum to help you open Xpdbgum files in your android device. Below you will find an option in the top right corner. Just double-click on that and start it on your device. Once you’ve done, just copy the zip file in.zip format and paste it into the Games folder your created earlier. When you finish the downloading process, close the program and restart your device so it downloads and unzips the right file that you have saved.

Update Games on Bluestacks

Step 3 – Extract the contents and upload it to “Games” folder on your device

Now you should have two folders “Games” and “Storage”. Open a new word processor like Notepad. (you can download it by clicking here.)Paste the contents you got from the Download Xpdbgum tool to the storage folder you named last. Since you just uploaded the content to the storage folder, it will show in your mobile screen on the desktop when you run it. Select that text file and right click and save it to your cloud storage provider account.

Update Games on Bluestacks

Step 4 – Upload the content to storage as soon as possible

Once you got a folder called “Games” in your device storage. Open the application that you really want to refresh. At times, the app might ask about the permissions but the truth is that the permissions are important. Continuously remember that you want to concede consent first when you run applications.

Presently, when you got the application on your gadget. Install the update package:

Once done, run the apps through installation. Next run the apps through system updates so that they get updated automatically and do not overwrite your old ones. Lastly, after done running it, restart your device so that it gets updated automatically.

Update Games on Bluestacks

Step 5 – Start playing again.

After everything is introduced, open the App Store on your gadget and quest for the application, then introduce it. Also, once done, you can download it to play once more.

If you face any issues while using the apps or finding the app then refer to this FAQs page and contact us through email or Twitter. We will answer in a hurry 24/4 as soon as possible!

Thank you very much for reading and visiting my story. Hope you found this helpful, and hope it gave you a reason to spend time in bed. Thank you very much! This is my first blog and I’m excited to share with you what’s coming next on this exciting journey to build a perfect world.


Update Games on Bluestacks

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